Photo Feb 18, 3 00 44 AMColleen Fitzgerald is currently serving on assignment at the National Science Foundation as the Program Director for Documenting Endangered Languages, a joint funding initiative between the NSF and the National Endowment for the Humanities. She is on loan from her home institution, the University of Texas at Arlington, where she is Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Native American Languages Lab.

Twenty-five years experience in higher education, research, teaching, and community outreach, including:

  • Administrative expertise in research, higher education and grants management
  • Fundraising and development of interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations
  • Public advocacy including columns for Huffington Post as well as speaking engagements
  • Articles written on Native American languages, language endangerment and linguistics
  • Training and outreach, especially for indigenous communities and students
  • More than two decades of collaborating with Native American language communities

Specialties: Endangered Languages; Native American Languages; Research and Analysis; Grants and External Funding; Higher Education; Community Training; Public Writing and Speaking; Engaged Scholarship; Advocacy for Language Science, Native American and Endangered Languages, and Linguistics

“The Sounds of Indigenous Language Revitalization” — Plenary at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting

Full CV can be downloaded here.