Her expertise includes phonology (especially prosody and the verbal arts), morphology, Native American languages, and language documentation and revitalization, with much of her recent work funded by the National Science Foundation, and various other grants.  Her work with Native American tribes in documenting and revitalizing their languages includes co-directing the Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop from 2011 to 2014 with Dr. Mary Linn, a collaboration with Joshua Hinson and the Chickasaw Language Revitalization Program, and involvement in training venues such as CoLang, AILDI, and the Oklahoma Native Languages Association. Her publications cover issues in language documentation and revitalization, especially regarding Native American languages, phonology, prosodic morphology, and service-learning.  Her projects draw on participatory and community-based research approaches.


In 2014, she served as the Director of CoLang 2014, the Institute on Collaborative Research, the fourth iteration of this international training venue for language documentation and revitalization, which creates the next generation of scholars and language activists documenting and revitalizing endangered and minority languages worldwide.